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Jesus Wept

We see God’s fierce love for us through the prophetic imagination of Ezekiel and encounter the humanity of Christ as he weeps for his friend Lazarus. When have you experienced Christ in the world in new or surprising ways this week?

Go to be a blessing

When God calls Abram to leave his family and home and set out in faith God promises that Abram will be a blessing. God promises that when we set out in faith, leaving behind the familiar and comfortable, we too will be a blessing.


It is the distorted desire of humanity that separates us from God and one another: it is the desire of God that brings life and flourishing.

On Hubris, Humility and being Human

We mark ourselves with ashes as a reminder that we are human and the path to a deeper walk with God is through humility rather than hubris.

Getting Back to Jesus of Nazareth

Bishop Michael Curry has encouraged us to get back to Jesus of Nazareth to counter Christina Nationalism and other ideologies that conflate Christianity with political agendas. What could be more “Jesus of Nazareth” than the Beatitudes?