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God Sustains

Following Jesus does not guarantee an easy life, in fact the opposite but even in times of change, grief and difficulty God’s hand sustains God’s beloved.

Sometimes Jesus mixes his metaphors

Sometimes Jesus’ message seems to exclude more people than it includes, and it has been distorted to justify genocide, but by remembering that Jesus is also the Christ we can take his words less literally and more inclusively. We need to stand up against hatred masquerading as holiness.


The story of the ancient people of God is our story too – will we let it just be a story or hear it with the ears of our hearts and choose to be transformed into Christ?

Maundy Thursday Sermon

Jesus joins the disciples for a meal, washes their feet, and provides a new commandment to them to love one another as Jesus has loved them, knowing all which was about to take place. Active love sets the tone for the coming days as we continue our holy journey together.

Jesus Wept

We see God’s fierce love for us through the prophetic imagination of Ezekiel and encounter the humanity of Christ as he weeps for his friend Lazarus. When have you experienced Christ in the world in new or surprising ways this week?

Go to be a blessing

When God calls Abram to leave his family and home and set out in faith God promises that Abram will be a blessing. God promises that when we set out in faith, leaving behind the familiar and comfortable, we too will be a blessing.