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Don’t turn away

In our texts for this second Sunday in Lent, we encounter Peter rebuking Jesus and Jesus doing the same as he calls Peter and us not to focus on those things of the human world but to focus on the divine. To also ensure we are not looking away from the pain and suffering of Christ. Our text this week calls us to pay attention and not skip ahead. To tear down the barriers between us and our neighbor and see Christ within us and those we meet. To not look away.

The One In The Corner

Sometimes, we forget that we are called to name the evil in the world around us. Today’s Gospel reminds us that Jesus calls us in to name and claim those evils around us and ensure we aren’t missing those on the margins. Just as he spoke the name of the unclean spirit in the synagogue, we, too, must name the injustices of our times and work to uproot them. We are also being called to see those who are often left on the margins, those who might not be seen if we aren’t purposefully looking for them.

Christian Identity

What does it mean to be called by name by Jesus? To be asked to cast aside our worldly concerns to attend to the needs of others and become fishers of people. Our text today calls us to consider those very questions.

Wisdom Sayings

Each year, I collate all of the wisdom sayings that I have collected in the past 12 months and then share them with my congregation.  What follows, is only a sample of those wisdom sayings for 2023.

Miraculously Ordinary

Tonight, we hear the story of Jesus’ birth and the miraculous story of God choosing humble, ordinary people to be a part of this miraculous event.

Christmas Eve Reflection

As we journey with Mary and Joseph to the manger, we experience the miracle of Jesus’ birth through the witness of everyday laborers tending their fields nearby.

Here Am I

On this final Sunday of Advent, we hear the announcement to Mary that she will bear a son and her pause to this revelation. How can we connect to Mary in her time of question and discernment toward ultimately saying Here am I, Lord?

The Complexity of Joy

On this third Sunday of Advent, we light the candle of Joy and hear from the Gospel of John. We hear John bear witness of who Christ is through his litany of who he is not. In this text, we are reminded that we can let go of all the many things we are not knowing God created us as we are in all of our complexities. Including the complex nature of joy.