Sermons on Faith

Walking in Faith

Faith is a slippery concept – what does it actually mean to have faith? To believe several impossible things, to give intellectual assent to the existence of God, or something else entirely?

Diversity among Christians

Significant differences of opinion exist among Christians about a number of issues including the full inclusion of LGBTQ people. The differences among Anglicans also relate to colonization and the oppression of native peoples. Yet we are all one and the same in Christ.

The Kiss of God

We are grounded in the energy stream of the church which experiences God as one-in-three. I riff on St Bernard of Clauvaux’s idea that God is the kisser, Christ is the kissed and the Holy Spirit is the kiss – so we are filled with the kiss of God.

A Call to Love!

Reading: John 21:1-19;  Easter 3/C By the Rev. Karen Faye Siegfried When you woke up this morning, did you remember it was the third Sunday of Easter, that joyful season when we celebrate resurrection, new life, and a renewed hope for the future?  If so, perhaps you pulled back the covers, placed your feet on the floor and exclaimed, “Alleluia, Christ is risen” or quietly murmured,  “Today is a good day to have a great day!”  Maybe as you made…

Resurrection, here and now

What if the spiritual realm is where everything is really happening and we are living a temporary existence in which the spiritual keeps breaking though rather like a daffodil breaking through the soil in the spring? And what if resurrection has totally happened on a spiritual level and is trying to break through and manifest in our lives every moment?

The Foolishness of Christ Crucified

In some way which we cannot fathom, Christ crucified goes directly to the heart of the darkness of the human condition, and turns everything inside out, making it right – bringing the Christ light to the heart of darkness.

Recognizing God

Mary Magdalene did not recognize Jesus until he spoke to her. We often miss God because we expect God’s voice to be bigger or more cosmic, yet if God is as close as our breath then God’s voice may be as quiet as our breath. The amazing thing about the resurrection is how it shows us God’s unquenchable, astonishing love. Let us decide to live every day in the full knowledge of that love.