Tending Mind & Soul in Los Osos

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Abundance Shop

St. Benedict’s owns and operates The Abundance Thrift Shop, a volunteer led second-hand store in Los Osos, California. Wanna know more?

St. Benedict’s Earthcare

We take the earth seriously. Which is why we seriously put efforts into taking care of the earth.

Latest Sermons

Turning Points

While Jesus was not received in the Samaritan village as James and John had expected them to be Jesus responded with calm and non-violence.

The Kiss of God

We are grounded in the energy stream of the church which experiences God as one-in-three. I riff on St Bernard of Clauvaux’s idea that God is the kisser, Christ is the kissed and the Holy Spirit is the kiss – so we are filled with the kiss of God.

Being the Good News

Just as the church in Acts had to face situations they had never experienced before, so we today are faced with new challenges to be the good news in the power of the Holy Spirit.