Easter and Holy Week

Easter Services:

Saturday April 3, 7:30 pm outdoors

Easter Sunday, April 4, 8am Zoom;  10:30 outdoors

Everyone is welcome, young and old, to all our services many of which are being live-streamed on Facebook due to the COVID-19 virus.

Holy Week

Holy Week is a time for us to ponder the incredible love that Jesus the Christ, the Man/God showed to humanity by allowing us to kill him, and the tremendous sadness that we each have within our own nature the ability to do that to another human being. Jesus did not respond to human violence with violence but with non-violent resistance and showed by his resurrection that violence is powerless over life. God’s unconditional love is shown in that even though humanity did its worst, Jesus the Christ came back and stays in relationship to us.

Holy Week starts with Palm Sunday, when we remember Jesus’ triumphant ride into Jerusalem, incongruously on a donkey. At the 9:30 outdoor service we will process with palms and then go suddenly into the Passion Gospel, relating Jesus’ betrayal, trial and death: it’s a sudden change which brings us up short and connects us to the pathos of human love and human loss. Sunday March 28, services at 8 (Zoom) 9:30 in-person and 10:30 on Facebook will all reflect this joy and grief.

Stations of the Cross

Follow Jesus as he travels along the Via Dolorosa ( Road of Sorrows) from Gethsemane to his death, burial and finally resurrection. Along the way, we pray for those in need around the world. This service lasts 30 -45 minutes. It is available for private prayer here, and we will pray it together on Wednesday March 31 at 5pm on Zoom.

Maundy Thursday April 1 , 6:30pm Livestream on Facebook

On Maundy Thursday we remember Jesus’ last supper with his friends and the subsequent betrayal in the Garden of Gethsemane. This year we will enjoy an agape meal together on-line. An agape meal is literally a love-feast, a communal meal shared among Christians with love. You are invited to prepare a simple meal in your home which we will bless and then enjoy eating as we remember the last supper together. Afterwards, the church is stripped of all its color and artwork, ending with the stripping of the altar, reminding us of how Jesus was stripped naked. We depart in silence, just as his disciples left him, silently melting into the night.

Good Friday, April 2, 12noon and 7:30pm on Facebook

Good Friday is the day when Jesus was crucified. The Scriptures tell us that he hung on the cross for three hours, which we remember from noon until three. Some people choose to fast until 3 pm as a way of personally connecting with Jesus’ sacrifice. We will mark the day with a traditional Good Friday liturgy at 12 noon on the veranda.  Then in the evening at there will be a simple on-line service of Tenebrae or darkness starting at 7:30. This service draws on the ancient monastic services of Matins and Lauds and includes psalms, readings from Lamentations and early church writers, The most conspicuous feature of the service is the gradual extinguishing of candles and other lights in the church until only a single candle, considered a symbol of our Lord, remains. Toward the end of the service this candle is hidden, typifying the apparent victory of the forces of evil. At the very end, a loud noise is made, symbolizing the earthquake at the time of the resurrection (Matthew 28:2), the hidden candle is restored to its place, and by its light all depart in silence.

Easter Vigil Saturday, April 3, 7:30 pm Outdoors or Online

Finally, we get to Easter, but we can’t quite wait until Easter morning, so we celebrate the night of Jesus’ resurrection  with the Great Vigil of Easter. During this ancient service, we usually light the new fire and bring light into the church for the recounting of our salvation history. Then, after we have renewed our Baptismal Vows, we celebrate the resurrection in a joyful singing of the Gloria before celebrating the first Eucharist of Easter. This year there will a special diocesan service available on the diocesan Youtube channel. There will also be a shorter outdoor service Vigil for a Pilgrim People starting at 7:30pm.

Easter Day Sunday, April 4: 8am Zoom: 10:30am outdoors and live streamed on Facebook

Our celebration continues on Easter Morning, with a contemplative communion service at 8am and an in-person Eucharist at 10:30am. If we are not able to share the 10:30 Eucharist on Facebook there will be an additional Facebook only service at 12noon.

Below are audio recordings of services from 2019:

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