Maria M. Kelly

We anticipate submitting our documents to the planning department before the end of August. As the planning department reviews the documents, we’ll
be able to start interviewing contractors.!

As soon as our documents have been submitted, we’ll be renting a large storage container for everything we want to store during construction. There will be some items that will need to be hauled to the dump or donated. If you are interested in assisting with dump runs please let me know. If you have any items stored in the back areas of the church and need help moving them, please let me know.

You can reach me at

Before too long, we’ll be looking to repair our veranda. There is extensive work that needs to be done. Decisions will be made shortly regarding materials, painting and timing. Keep your eyes open for a painting party

in the not too distant future. All the pieces that need to be replaced will need to be pre-painted and for cost saving measures, it would be great if we could
take on some of this work ourselves.

As always, if you have any questions, please let myself or our Junior Warden know and we will see if we have the answers.

Thank you and please continue to keep us in your prayers.