Sacred Ground – April 22nd 2021

Sacred Ground – April 22nd 2021

We were delighted with the interest in the session and the opportunities identified to work with nature to enrich our soils, our food, and the drawdown of greenhouse gases. Special thanks to presenters Tim LaSalle, Teresa “Tree” Lees, and Greg Haas for the valuable information and insights they shared.

Have you taken action on one or more of the opportunities highlighted on the last slide?

  • Join the Earthcare Team open to community participation —  send an email to to indicate your interest.
  • Express your interest and support for regenerative agriculture – ask farmers about it, buy from farmers who follow regenerative agriculture.
  • Join the Kiss the Ground community to keep up to date on regenerative agriculture activities –  
  • Advocate with state and federal elected officials and agencies to support policies that promote healthy soils for a healthy planet.

If you have additional questions or interests, please contact me

Blessings to you.

Don Maruska on behalf of the Earthcare Team, St. Benedict’s Episcopal Church