The Light and It’s Shadow


John 9:1-41 In the last hundred years a myth has arisen. That myth tells us that there is only one way to read the Bible. Yet as far back as the 2nd century, the Greek scholar and Christian theologian Origen claimed that scriptures should be read in three different allegorical ways. I mention that this […]

Slow Church Part 2: Stability and Patience

Today I am continuing my sermon series based on the book, The Slow Church. You will remember from last month that the idea of Slow Church comes from the slow food movement that seeks to create locally sourced sustainable food grown and prepared by identifiable growers and chefs in contrast with the sameness of fast […]

Terroir – the flavor of St. Ben’s


This year is our 30th anniversary, and we are considering it to be a year of celebration and discernment. For more than seventeen years we have been working to build a church which can provide a physical home for the worship and service of God and our community. Now that is pretty much complete, and […]



1 CORINTHIANS 3: 1-9      Holy One, let my words be clear to those who listen to them as they come from my heart.  In the name of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. Hey, check out the palace on the top of hill—what a view! We are fortunate […]

Prophets of Today

If I were to offer you a packet of peanuts, how many of you would prefer plain rather than salted? And how many of you would prefer salted? Now imagine that the salt had lost its taste – the salted ones would be slightly gritty; I think I’d rather have the plain. And Jesus says […]

Our Calling


Fishing on the Sea of Galilee was not a great job. It was dangerous, with the sudden storms that swept upon the lake. And it didn’t bring in much money. Fishing was big business, but unlike the captains here in Morro Bay, the fishermen were not entrepreneurs. They were at the bottom of a rigid […]

A Time of Change – A Pre-Inauguration Sermon


Tomorrow is a big day. For some of us it is a time of rejoicing, for others a time of sadness. For all of us it is a time of change. After 8 years of consistent leadership we are going into the unknown. It was a risk, eight years ago, to elect a young, relatively […]

Bishop Mary’s Sermon

Unfortunately the space on the chip ran out before the end so the last few minutes are cut off.