Stations 15 and 16

Many people are familiar with the devotional practice within Christian churches of praying the “Stations of the Cross.”  Spiritual theologian Matthew Fox challenges believers and non-believers alike to develop a new practice based on very ancient teachings and the new cosmology: The Stations of the Cosmic Christ.

In this time of wars and unprecedented challenge to the planet from human-induced climate change, how will humans integrate the teachings about the awesome universe in a way that empowers our joy and compassion?

Artists M. C. Richards and Javier Lemus offer a Way and series of practices that moves the heart and awakens us to the Blessed Being who resides in us all and whether that eternal spark be called the “Cosmic Christ” or the “Buddha Nature” or the “Image of God.

The church will be open for public viewing on Wednesdays and Thursdays from 10am to 12:30am and at other times by appointment.

For more information: Matthew Fox talks about the Stations