Advent speaks to us about living in God’s Kingdom with a different story about time. It’s a story larger than our own lives, beyond optimism or pessimism. It’s been called a future or an “eschatology of eventfulness.” It is a way of being attentive to our inner lives and at the same time seeing all creation alive, in the rhythm of reality and promise.

Reality is anything that happens at any moment. The change which comes to us moment to moment is a gift. We are invited to receive these moments as events worthy of our loving and a challenge for our living. Accept the moment with thanksgiving and trust the promise that it is a gift from God. It points and carries us into God’s future. Advent reminds us to pray for strength to do what is necessary to fill the present with faithfulness and with genuine waiting for God.

An opportunity for contemplative reflection upon several of the scripture texts appointed for Advent will be offered again this year at St. Benedict’s on Thursday mornings, Dec. 3, 10 and 17 following the first three Sundays of Advent, at 10 am. We will follow the practice of Lectio Divina, the contemplative reading of scripture. The sessions will be jointly led by the Rev. Donna Ross and the Rev. Barry Turner.