Climate change is a wake-up call that we need to transform our attitudes about the planet on which we live if there is to be anything left for our children and grandchildren to enjoy. This five week study group builds on the insights we gained from the Pope’s encyclical Laudato Si; bringing together ecological science with Franciscan theology to help us understand new ways of looking at the relationship between humans, God and creation.

August 30 Creation and Incarnation

September 6 Creation as Family

September 13 Creation and Contemplation

September 20 The View from the Center of the Universe; a film which uses recent advances in astronomy, physics, and cosmology to frame an exciting new way to understand the universe as a whole and our role in it.

September 27 Creation and Conversion

The class will be taught by Hollister Institute faculty: Rev. Caroline Hall, John Horsley, Joe Morris, Bob Pelfrey, Barry Turner, and will be based on the book Care for Creation by Ilea Delio, Keith Douglas Warner and Pamela Wood. Participants may wish to read the book as a companion to the class.