MarcusBorgFive weeks starting Thursday June 30 at 7pm

June 30, July 7, July 14, July 19 (Tuesday) and August 4

Join Caro+ in a small group discussion to revisit some of Christianity’s most fundamental questions: Who is God? What does salvation mean? What place does Jesus hold in contemporary Christian faith? Each session of this five-session class will be introduced by a video of scholar Marcus Borg in dialogue with a small, diverse group of adults as they honestly — and sometimes painfully — confront the big questions and work together toward authentic answers. The video will be followed by our own discussions of the questions raised and questions and ideas of our own. There are no stupid questions and no locked in stone answers.

The five sessions cover God; Jesus; Salvation; Community and Practice

We all struggle with revisiting our ideas about God and the world as our faith matures. This class will be helpful for those who have recently started worshiping at St. Benedict’s as well as those who would like an opportunity to think more deeply together.