isaiah-prophet-st-marksIsaiah was a great prophet; he was also a great poet. This Advent we’ll hear readings from Isaiah, and pair them with readings from modern poets. We hope to listen deeply, and to focus on these questions:

• In light of the poem, what do you hear Isaiah saying? • In light of the prophet, what do you hear the poet saying?

• From what we’ve heard and shared today, what do we believe God is saying to us in our time?

Led by the Revs. Donna Ross and Barry Turner, and poet Carol McPhee.

Dec 1 Isaiah 2:1-5 and “The Hostages”, by Muriel Rukeyser

Dec 8 Isaiah 11:1-10 and “There was a Child went Forth”, by Walt Whitman

Dec 15 Isaiah 35:1-10 and “Another Planet”, by Dunya Mikhail