Social Justice

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White Privilege

This morning I want to talk about white privilege.  White privilege is a short phrase which encapsulates an enormous amount of social meaning. So let’s unpack it briefly. Privilege is anything that you have and take for granted that others don’t have. This may include finance, education, access to legal help, being able to vote, […]

Surely the Lord is in this Place

A sermon by Rob and Donna Ross Jacob’s Story   This Sunday and next, Jesus tells parables about seeds – seeds that land on barren pathways; seeds thrown among rocks and brambles; seeds crowded out by weeds. Some seeds fall into good soil, becoming great trees that support the growing kingdom of God.  This Sunday […]

Abundance in a world of scarcity

The parable of the sower is so familiar to us and yet also so problematic.  Not only does Matthew tell us what the parable means, thus leaving little to our imaginations but he divides us, the ground upon which the seed lands, into the good, the bad and the ugly. Today I am continuing the […]

The Light and Its Shadow


John 9:1-41 In the last hundred years a myth has arisen. That myth tells us that there is only one way to read the Bible. Yet as far back as the 2nd century, the Greek scholar and Christian theologian Origen claimed that scriptures should be read in three different allegorical ways. I mention that this […]

Prophets of Today

If I were to offer you a packet of peanuts, how many of you would prefer plain rather than salted? And how many of you would prefer salted? Now imagine that the salt had lost its taste – the salted ones would be slightly gritty; I think I’d rather have the plain. And Jesus says […]

A Time of Change – A Pre-Inauguration Sermon


Tomorrow is a big day. For some of us it is a time of rejoicing, for others a time of sadness. For all of us it is a time of change. After 8 years of consistent leadership we are going into the unknown. It was a risk, eight years ago, to elect a young, relatively […]

Hineni – I’m Ready My Lord

Luke 21:5-19 Lord give us the serenity to accept the things we cannot change, the courage to change the things we can, and the wisdom to know the difference.  You want it Darker – Leonard Cohen This has been a difficult and emotional week. Many of the people who voted for Donald Trump as our […]

Zacchaeus meets Jesus

This is what I remember from Sunday School: Zacchaeus was a very little man and a very little man was he, He climbed up into the sycamore tree for the Savior he wanted to see, And when the Savior came that way he looked up into the tree, And said, “Zacchaeus, now you just come down for […]

Ocean Sunday


For most of the last two thousand years, theology has focused on our relationship with God and with each other. Now we are realizing that loving our neighbor includes loving the whole of creation. As a reflection of this we will be celebrating the Season of Creation during September. This is not yet part of […]