Books NOT Included in the Bible, Tuesdays at 10 am starting Sep 16

Blessing of the Animals Sunday, October 5, 2 pm at South Bay Community Center

Canterbury Club BBQ and Silent Auction, Sunday, Oct 5, 4-6 pm at St Peter's

First Steps in Meditation, Sat, Oct 11 at 9:30 am

Embracing an Alternative Orthodoxy: Richard Rohr on the Legacy of St Francis Thursdays, at 10 am starting Oct 23

Ocean Mind Collective, first and third Mondays at 7 pm

Dream/Spirituality Group, first and third Thursdays, 7 pm

short video of Rev Caro's institution as Rector

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requesting prayers



Welcome to Saint Ben's

woman lighting candle St. Benedict’s is an inclusive faith community for those seeking God below the surface of contemporary life. We provide a place to seek and find God in an open, supportive and creative atmosphere.

Our worship services are based on a tradition of prayer used by Christians for hundreds of years and language rich in metaphor and meaning. We deepen our understanding of God by approaching Scripture through the Anglican method which uses both the insights of tradition and our God-given reason. It is a method that leads to rich conversation and exciting insights.

If God is calling you to a new spiritual depth, we invite you to join us as we seek the astonishing and surprising God who constantly challenges us to be everything we can be.